Verizon Lashes Out at Apple iPhone

verizon_logo.gifFinding itself sorely out of the limelight during the recent nationwide iPhone frenzy, Verizon has decided to supply it's sales staff with some ammunition to squelch customer concerns about their inability to get an iPhone through Verizon.

AppleInsider recently got it's hands on an internal, confidential document circulated to Verizon employees providing a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone and Verizon's family of mobile devices. Highlighted shortcomings of the iPhone, which do not plague Verizon devices, are the lack of instant messaging, MMS, and GPS, amongst others.

Many of the advantages Verizon is touting make good, plain sense. However, Verizon takes things a bit too far making themselves appear considerably green with envy.

For one, Verizon is comparing the iPhone to the entire lineup of Verizon mobile devices and services. Comparing one phone to a wireless service provider's entire family of devices is not what you'd exactly call a one-to-one comparison.

Secondly, Verizon makes a few shady claims. One of the highlighted shortcomings of the iPhone is it's lack of "Song ID", a Verizon service which allows users of Verizon VCast phones to play a song into their phone's microphone and identify it for download and purchase. While some individuals certainly may find this interesting or handy at times, in reality it is a largely useless feature that very few iPhone users are likely missing. Verizon also suggests that iPhone owners need to "stay near a plug" because the iPhone doesn't offer a removable or swappable battery. It fails to mention that the battery life times of the iPhone are some of the best in the industry.

You can see the full comparison document and read the original AppleInsider post here.



Verizon is a bunch of whiners. They passed on the iPhone, so let it be.

God I hate that company.

your a douche.

its "You're" dipshit!
So you're officially the douche bag!

They had their shot at the greatest cellphone made to date. =)


AMEN!! I am so happy that the iPhone is with AT&T. I do not like Verizon. So losers.

They had the oportunity to get the iPhone. They refused it. Bunch of babies

They could have had the phone but decided they wouldn't give up any control over the device so refused it.

They run their network like dictators. You can't even download an MP3 from the internet to your phone. You can only BUY them from Verizon.

They can go to hell.

Please...Verizon passing on the Iphone was a great move. AT&T's network is vastly inferior to Verizon's, and with Apple controlling not only the phone and what can be done with it, but also most of the's not really a good situation for AT&T to be in, financially. Sure, the IPhone may look cool, but the fine print, such as the battery costing about $120 to replace after all the fees, and needing to remain an AT&T customer to utilize an item you paid $500 - $600 for....It just seems silly. I wouldn't buy a car that I could only put Mobil gas in...would you? Couple all this with the fact that statistically speaking a mobile phone is replaced every 14 long with your IPhone last? You can purchase an 80G Ipod for nearly half the cost of the IPhone, and the only features you don't have are WIFI and phone service...AND you can use your Ipod without further charges. Seems like a no brainer to me.


You must work for VZW. I am a verizon customer and love it but completely agree with the rest of the posters.
You obviously have never owned an apple product or you would understand why Apple wants so much control. They want to control it because then the customer experiences their awesome customer service, instead of an AT&T person. They have the best customer service and why give up control of that when you can continue to win customers that way. Also, shows that replacing the battery is just over $85, not $120 that you speak of. On to your next point, If I walk in to verizon today and buy a new Treo Smartphone, I have to stay with Verizon to utilize this item which i just paid $399 for. It works like that across the industry. All of my mobile phones have lasted 22-28 months, and if they were made better (like the iPhone looks to be) I would continue to hand on to it. An 80GB ipod $349 which will play music and videos. Not quite half the cost...Features missing: widescreen video, wifi(allowing me to check email, get online etc.), bluetooth, camera, awesome phone setup (which includes sms, maps, visual voicemail, etc.). Yep seems like a no brainer to me too...I'll step in line at the end of this month when my VZW contract is up

*continue to hang on to it.

Botton Line, People who hate the iPhone's are either those companies whom passed up on them or consumers who can't afford them. Can you say Jealousy? I'm glad Verizon passed on it....They currently have the most expensive plans of any service carrier out there today....and did I mention "Hidden charges"... I'm basically paying exactly the same as I did with my previuos Razor phone....and look at all the extra features. Verizon, you lost me a long time ago and with this whining, bitching & moaning, you'll never get me back and will lose even more clients in the process....Ladies and gentlemen, make way for the new "Best Carrier and product on the market" side by side....
don't hate, get an iphone, or a job that pays you more.....LOL

AT&T is not d best just becuz of d damn iPhone

dam all of u iPhone luvers. I'm fuckin rich and the iPhone is crap to me. why put music on that piece of shit when u hav a mp3.

dis thing is like a waste of $500, $600 bucks. I'd rather buy a PS3 instead of this piece of crap

Im sure your rich when you talk like that. What an Idiot.