Use Your iPhone as a USB Drive (No Jailbreak!)

Your iPhone has plenty of storage space, only thing is every time you connect it to your computer iTunes runs the show. Wouldn't it be great to carry your files around with you and not have to worry about a separate USB drive? iPhone Explorer is free software for Mac and Windows that makes this possible.

apple iphone explorer free usb disk

The application opens up the flash memory of your iPhone into simple-to-use drag and drop folders. Files can be transferred to and from your computer hard drive right over the USB connection. iPhone Explorer is compatible with all iPhone models and works with OR without a jailbreak.

iOS firmware versions 2.0 and later are compatible with iPhone Explorer. Macs must be running OS X 10.5 or later and have iTunes 8 or later installed. Windows machines need iTunes 9 or later and Windows XP or later to run the PC version. The program is freeware and takes up less than 4MB on your hard drive after it's installed.

Besides drag and drop functionality, folders and files can be created, renamed and deleted using the iPhone Explorer interface. Photos on the iPhone can even be previewed right in the browser before transferring them to your computer. Those who have jailbroken their iPhones will find that iPhone Explorer makes it possible to retrieve additional files including SMS messages, voicemails, contacts and e-mail messages.

Take back manual control of your iPhone filesystem. Or ditch that redundant USB thumb drive and start using the extra space on your iPhone to store and transfer important files. All this for free and with no jailbreaking required.

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I do not recommend this app. Sometimes, when you try to delete a previously created folder, the app sends an error message... and deletes all yor apps, photos and text and audio files...


iPhone is practically the only phone that needs an app to function as a flash drive. Just about every other phone already has that feature in a simple drag and drop interface. Sometimes, electronics are a little TOO fancy.

I have recently bout Windows 8 tablet and I wanted it to be in sync with my iPhone. I found an amazing app here:
Manages you media, books, and is a usb drive as well. Gorgeous!

I'm using this one. It requires to be jailbroken but it works with ITunes on my Mac and Windows without local installation

There is problem for users when users face problem in transferring files from iPhone to other device . But now there is no such problem like that. iPhone transfer software is one of best way to transfer files from one device to another.

I have to admit I don't really understand why you'd buy a 35$ app for the sake of turning it into a flash drive, when you can buy a flash drive for half the price... But if you do, then you should try TouchCopy.

I adore that program, it does everything iExplorer does, and a lot more, it's invaluable to make sure you don't lose any data stored in your iOS device, and it's also cheaper than iExplorer. All in all, I prefer it.

You can download it for free here:

Most functionality is free, you only have to pay if you want to get stuff off your backups, which is really useful, but besides the point in this case.

i tried this with a 4s running ios7 and the phone mounts
as a drive in win 7 and i can pull files off the iphone to the pc but not from
the pc to the iphone. paste is grayed out. dragging creats red stop
icon. even when telling the phone to trust the pc i cant save to it

Great tool!