Why are my iPhone photos upside down?

Why are my iPhone photos upside down?

Some iPhone owners may have noticed that photos taken with the Apple iOS device and stored to the camera roll appear rotated when viewed on a Windows computer. The photos appear fine on the iPhone, however after being transferred to Windows they are upside down, or turned sideways.

It appears that something in the photo metadata is being written to tell Windows the photo is oriented in one direction. Now that iOS 5 allows users to snap photos with the volume buttons, many people hold the iPhone with the volume buttons up so they act as a shutter release.

Unfortunately, this is the direction in which the iPhone takes upside down photos. To solve the problem, the iPhone must be turned with the volume buttons facing down. Until Apple comes up with a fix, Windows users will have to adjust their photo rotation after the fact or keep the iPhone in this position. Turning rotation lock on or off does not fix the problem.


THis is soooo gay. I hate how apple annoys its customers.!


I tried this and it did not work. It emailed the photos SIDEWAYS. So my choices are upside down or sideways? We really need a better way to do this. iPhone makes a big deal that we can "share" our photos, but it's annoying to our friends if everything we send them is upside down? So I have to email to myself first, then rotate it, then email it to them? I realize this article is blaming windows and I'm sure Windows will blame iPhone. I love my apple, but it's not my fault if my friends have windows. In fact, when I email them something upside down, it actually makes Apple look bad and makes them not want to buy an iPhone. So you guys really need to learn to play together better!!

Correction to my comment above, it actually does work if you hold your phone sideways. I misunderstood the articles instructions. When it says to have the volume buttons "facing down", I thought it meant to turn the phone upside down so the volume buttons were on the bottom (long ways, like you hold it when talking on the phone, but turning it upside down longways). But actually what it's saying is that if you turn your camera sideways to take a photo, make sure to turn it sideways so that the volume keys are on the bottom, so that the right side of the phone is on the top and the left side of the camera is on the bottom. This is very foreign to me since I don't typically take my photos in landscape, I typically take my photos holding the phone straight up and down. But regardless if you do this (turning the phone sideways so that the right side of the camera is on top), it works, your photos will be the right angle.

Here is another article from a YEAR ago. This problem has apparently been around for a while, I guess they don't plan to find a solution soon.


Best answer is not to buy Iphone until they fix it. Just sayin. if Apple is so great why is it doing that? LOL

problem is not in iPhone, but in Windows. WIndows ignore generally accepted information shared with actual image that delivers image orientation...

"To solve the problem, the iPhone must be turned with the volume buttons facing down." AKA, To solve the problem, we will do nothing on our end.

Looks like running the pictures through ICloud may 'fix them' for windows. I looked at the exif info for a picture I grabbed straight off my phone, and the same picture loaded up to iCloud. The iCloud picture didn't have the orientation entry, and it showed up 'right side up' on my PC. The picture directly from my camera had an 'orientation' tag in the exif data, and showed up upside down on my PC. I now run everything through iCloud that I want to load on my PC.

So why the #*rk is apple so great? Why would that put a product out w/o an rightside up identified for the rest of the world? Gee, like half of my friends are on windows products & I'd like to send them pics,.,,.,not upside down,.

This is NOT a Windows issue. I just took numerous photo 3 times, all from different positions. Button down, button right and button left.

Looking at all of them ONLY on my iPhone 6s. Most were upside down. There was no coherent methodology that I could figure out. Some I took with button right were upside down, others weren't. Same with button down.

AGAIN, only looking at them on my phone. God only knows what they do when you send them or download them.

If they haven't fixed this ongoing issue with the iPhone X I can't imagine why anyone would buy one. What a hassle for an obviously highly used feature.