Fix Camera Roll Problems in iPhone OS 3.0

Users are reporting a bug in iPhone firmware 3.0 that prevents photos from appearing on the camera roll. Although image files are present on the device and can be copied with iPhoto, thumbnails are hidden on the camera roll.

The camera roll even counts the correct number of photos as it hides a portion of the files. Users have determined the problem arises when numbers in photo filenames exceed 10,000. For some reason the iPhone OS 3.0 camera roll does not display these files.

A workaround for Mac users has been reported. The fix requires downloading a program called PhoneView for Mac. The free demo should work, and in any case the software is useful for many other purposes and costs $19.95.

- Backup your iPhone with iTunes
- Transfer all of your photos to the Mac with iPhoto
- Open PhoneView and select iPhone
- Click Settings -> Open Entire Disk
- Delete DCIM/.MISC
- Reboot the iPhone

Now when taking a photo it should appear in the camera roll. We hope Apple is working on a fix for this issue in the upcoming iPhone OS 3.1 release.


Absolutely frustrating! This just happened to me tonight. Except I use a PC. All of my pictures are transferring perfectly fine to the PC, but thumbnails are not appearing in the camera roll. I cannot send any photos by email on my iphne anymore as a result.... I've tried just about everything I can think of to no avail... And I can't wait for the next release unfortunately... So, I guess I'm resolved to the fact that I am stuck going to the apple store this weekend for an exchange...

If you have your info synched properly with your PC, try to restore and set up as a new phone. Replacing the phone and then putting the same software issue back on it doesn't make sense, as a backup will bring back the problem

Here It work

Your fix works on a Jailbroken iPhone 3G with OS 3.0. Thanks!

Tried this, but PhoneView will not work on my Macbook, which is OS X version 10.4.11. Is there any other option?