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iOS 8 Users Can Recover Deleted Photos on Their iPhone

A few weeks have passed since Apple's iOS 8 preview giving developers plenty of time to dig around and discover new features in the beta. Several sources have found a "Recently Deleted” album in the Camera app. The folder allows users to access their deleted photos and recover images or videos they accidentally deleted.

iOS 8 Recover Photo

The ability to hide individual photos was also previously discovered in the Photos app. Users can now tap and hold a thumbnail or image to bring up the "Hide Photo" option. So far you can only keep images hidden from the Moments, Collections and Years albums.

How to Hide Your Photos in iOS 8

UPDATE: Click here for updated instructions on how to hide photos on the iPhone and iPad.

Most of the changes Apple makes to its Photos app revolves around sharing, not hiding, your images from family and friends, but now there is a new "Hide Photo" option in iOS 8. The new photo hiding feature was discovered in the iOS 8 beta by an iDownloadblog reader.

Hide Photo iOS 8

To hide a photo in your photos app, simply tap and hold the thumbnail of the image you want to hide then tap "Hide" and "Hide Photo" to confirm. The photo will now be hidden from Moments, Collections and Years but still available in Albums. This is not very helpful if you want to keep really personal photos hidden from people thumbing through your Photos app, but I guess it is a start. There is also a slight chance that the feature could be tweaked by Apple before the final version of iOS 8 is released to the public.

500px Photo App Returns to the iOS App Store

500px fans may have been surprised last week when Apple pulled the app thanks to some controversial images. It seems that 500px has been revised and given the all-clear from Apple, and version 2.0.3 is now available on the App Store. 500px made two major changes to the app to make sure App Store requirements were met.

500px Photo iPhone app

First, all nude photo searches are blocked. 500px maintains that artistic nudity is allowed on their website, however users will find it more difficult to search for these images on iOS. The second major change added a mature rating to the app, requiring that users installing the app are 17 or older.

How to Send Unlimited iPhone Photos via Email

Sharing photos from your iOS device over email is great, until you run into the built-in limitation that prevents selecting over 5 photos. This means that if you have a large number of photos to send via email, the iPhone will force you to send them in several emails with 5 attachments each.

Instamail Photos iOS app

Thanks to developer Mohamed Alaoui Mrani, iOS users can download Instamail Photos from the App Store and send unlimited photos in one message. The app is currently on sale, priced at $0.99 for a limited time. Of course, you can't go sending too many photos in a single email, because most service providers limit the size of email messages.

iPhone 5 Optimized 500px Photo App is Here

Incredible photographs from around the world are only an app away. 500px has officially launched an iPhone version of their highly acclaimed iPad app. Of course, the free portal to content from the 500px website has been optimized to take advantage of the larger iPhone 5 display.

500px Photo iPhone app

500px version 2.0 features an all-new, designed from the ground up user experience made just for the iPhone. This includes the Flow timeline feature optimized specifically for mobile devices. Although this current version does not provide for photo uploads from the iPhone, the feature is in the works for future release.


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