iOS 8 Users Can Recover Deleted Photos on Their iPhone

A few weeks have passed since Apple's iOS 8 preview giving developers plenty of time to dig around and discover new features in the beta. Several sources have found a "Recently Deleted” album in the Camera app. The folder allows users to access their deleted photos and recover images or videos they accidentally deleted.

iOS 8 Recover Photo

The ability to hide individual photos was also previously discovered in the Photos app. Users can now tap and hold a thumbnail or image to bring up the "Hide Photo" option. So far you can only keep images hidden from the Moments, Collections and Years albums.

Other iOS 8 improvements include the ability to add photos to the Notes app, a new image bar previewing your most recently taken photos in iMessage, and the ability to save or delete all the images in a text conversation. The last feature will be a useful tool for iOS users looking to clear storage space.

iOS 8 will be released this fall alongside Apple's next-generation iPhone. You can see all the announced and recently discovered iOS 8 features here.