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Add a Timer to the iPhone Camera App With CamTime

Ever notice there's no timer on the iPhone Camera? Setting the iPhone up somewhere so you can run and be in the photo might not be the easiest thing, but it would be nice to know you have the option. Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak CamTime you can use the iPhone camera just like a point-and-shoot with a timer.

Camera timer iPhone

CamTime adds a timer button next to the shutter release, and simulates pressing this button when the time runs out. You can enter the number of seconds you want the timer to run before it snaps the photo. In fact, because it simulates this button you can even set a timer in seconds to delay the start of a video if desired.

Skype Adds Photo Sharing to iPhone and iPad Apps

Skype updated their iPhone and iPad apps to version 4.1 on Tuesday. The upgrade brings a new photo sharing feature, a few minor bug fixes and minor visual improvements. The photo sharing feature requires that both users are connected to Skype’s instant messaging service to work.

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If sharing pictures of food is not your thing, Skype 4.1 is also supposed to improve the app’s battery performance, plus fix a bug related to Bluetooth and calls. Existing users can upgrade to version 4.1 starting today.

iPhone Gets Instagram 3.0 Update with New Features

If you're one of the 80 million Instagram users who haven't freaked out and closed their Instagram accounts since the acquisition by Facebook, the iPhone app has been updated to 3.0. The latest version of the photo sharing software has several redesigned components and adds new features.

Instagram 3.0 iPhone

Although many alternatives to Instagram exist, the service remains highly popular for those with mobile phones. Visual tweaks and improved performance are just the beginning of what's been incorporated into Instagram 3.0. Infinite scrolling on photo feeds is now possible, and spam comments can be reported.

Top 8 Instagram Alternatives for iPhone Photography

So you've decided to close your Instagram account and save your retro photos from the clutches of Facebook. Many users have enjoyed the creative filters on Instagram, which are known for giving the images an analog, film-like look.

iPhone retro photo apps

The good news is there are many photography apps in the App Store with even better filters. Many of these photo apps are free and provide several options for sharing and showing off your pictures to friends. Here are 8 of the top alternatives to Instagram available on the iPhone.

Security 'Flaw' Can Expose iPhone Photo Albums

A new security vulnerability on the Apple iPhone has been discovered that can expose photo albums stored on the device. Although this sounds like a dangerous breach of privacy there are several things that must happen before a complete stranger can view your pictures without entering a passcode. This is of course assuming you use a passcode to protect your data.

iPhone photo album security

First of all, your iPhone must have iOS 5 or later installed. This adds the Camera shortcut icon to the home screen when the home button is double-pressed. Secondly your iPhone must fall into the wrong hands, with someone taking possession of your device who would care about finding and viewing your photos.


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