Jibbler Enhances iPhone 3.0 With Voice Control

Jibbler? The name may be awkward, however the code buried within iPhone OS 3.0 it refers to could make the iPhone much more talkative. Jibbler works with the SpringBoard and Spotlight in iPhone OS 3.0 to recognize and synthesize speech.

With improved processing power, it's possible the next iPhone could be controlled by the user's voice. In addition, the iPhone could read off contact names, calendar entries, or song titles on demand. A new Voice Services class has been discovered which may mean that Jibbler will be available to developers in Apple's Software Development Kit (SDK).

There are many uses for Jibbler provided the software works properly. Voice recognition would make hands-free voice dialing a possibility. Turn-by-turn GPS could certainly use voice synthesis to give drivers instructions. Maybe one day the iPhone will even read your favorite book.

References to the following classes and methods are found in the firmware 3.0 code: