Even More iPhone 3.0 Features on the Horizon

With the initial excitement of Apple's iPhone 3.0 preview already passed, users of the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta have been finding several new features that appear to be in the works for a next generation device. One such feature is video recording, which reports have indicated would come along with an upgraded camera and possibly a multi-core GPU (graphics processing unit).

Backing up the claim are screenshots from the MobileMe upload screen in iPhone OS 3.0 that say "Publish Video" at the top of the app. Of course, a better camera would mean higher-resolution still photos, too. Other features that look interesting have also appeared in leaked screenshots of iPhone OS 3.0 Beta.

The so-called "Internet Tethering" capability looks more sophisticated than previously described, with a screenshot of the app showing both USB and Bluetooth options for connecting to a computer. This feature would benefit from rumored speed improvements (up to 14.4Mbps) coming to AT&T's 3G network.

Another MobileMe feature discovered in iPhone OS 3.0 Beta is a single toggle labeled "Find My iPhone". Could it be possible that Apple plans a feature for MobileMe users that could easily track down the location of a missing device via the web?