How do I delete / remove a city from the Weather app?

How do I delete / remove a city from the Weather app?

Deleting a city from the Weather app in iOS 7 or later is a little different than in previous versions, where you edited a list of locations. When you are in the app, if you aren't already in list view, go to it by tapping the list icon in the bottom right of the screen. Go to the city you want to delete and simply swipe right to left on it. This reveals the delete button. You can also change the order of the list by tapping and holding a city then dragging it to a new position.

How to remove a city from the iOS 7 weather app


Thank you, this is very helpful. But I cannot move or remove the top location; the one with the little arrow.

I am having the same issue - and I didn't add that location to my list to begin with... Trying to remove it using the normal instructions doesn't work. Am wondering if I should just delete the app altogether and start over?

That is your current location, based on the tower you are connected to. You can't delete it but it will change if you go somewhere else.

For iOS 8
1. Open weather

2. Click on the 3 Bars in the bottom right

3. Slide to the left on the cities you want to remove

4. If you want to add simply click on the plus

I can't get anything when I tap bottom right

Don't tap, slide.

Very useful, ta!

thank you, I finally got rid of the cities that I didn't want.

After swiping left on the location, clicking on the 'delete' button has no effect. Location will not delete.

Thank you. Problem solved

So very inconsistent design among Apple iPhone apps. Why couldn't they have a single consistent design? Even deleting an item needs so many "creative" design in each of the applications...

But, thanks for putting this tip up. It resolved my problem! Thanks!!!

Thank you....that was driving me nuts having cities I didn't enter

Holy shit thank you, apple sucks so much

NEVER check the weather in another city, that city will remain in your list FOREVER. The only way to remove a city from your list is to DELETE the app and re-install it. (make no sense, how can removing and deleting a city be so difficult in 2017??)

True, I have 2 cities I will never go to again that I can't get rid of. Amateur programmers. 2017 and we still have to deal with this.

Well i turned the location services on and then went to the weather app, deleted all the cities and kept only one with the current location which was Manchester and solved this painful problem. Hope it would work for all of you guys..cheers

You can turn the location services off after doing above procedure...forgot to mention abt that...cheers