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How to show Celsius in Weather on iPhone

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iPhone apps such as Weather normally use local units to display temperature. While most of the world uses the Celsius scale, there are notable exceptions such as the United States. In these places, iOS uses the Fahrenheit scale automatically. For anyone more familiar with degrees centigrade, or interested in seeing temperatures in °C, switching units only takes a few taps.

How to check weather in multiple locations on your iPhone

Weather App

Weather is an important detail when planning a vacation, especially in the summer months when most trips include outside activities. The stock iOS weather app is a great way to keep updated on the current and weekly forecast, but most iPhone owners have their settings enabled to show only the weather for their current location. You can easily add and remove additional cities and towns to your weather app to check multiple forecasts.

4 free weather radar apps for iPhone

4 best free weather radar apps for iPhone.

With summer just around the corner many people will be spending a great deal more time outdoors, enjoying the pleasant weather at the beach, on the water, hiking in the mountains and what have you. Nothing can put a damper on these activities like sudden thunderstorms, which pop up with much greater frequency in the warmer weather. While you can get a basic idea of the day's forecast with your iPhone's Weather app, a "chance of showers" or "scattered thunderstorms" is not going to cut it if you are planning a day of fishing on a lake or hiking above the tree line - you need a radar app.

Animate the iOS Weather icon with Meteor

Meteor live weather iOS

Not too long ago, app icons on the iPhone home screen were frozen in time. The latest version of iOS delivers an animated clock, which displays the real time down to the seconds. The jailbreak tweak Meteor delivers weather information in a similar fashion, with the latest conditions available at a glance. Not only is the Weather app icon transformed, but current weather appears on the status bar as well.

Get Weather Updates in the iOS Status Bar

The iPhone keeps a practically limitless amount of information right at the user's fingertips. However, checking to see the current weather always requires a few taps. It could even mean entering a passcode, scrolling to a folder, and opening a weather app. Those with jailbroken iOS 8 devices can see current weather conditions in a more efficient way.

iOS 8 weather on status bar

With StatusbarWeather8 installed, the current temperature and weather conditions are displayed right in the status bar at all times. The weather data is pulled directly from the stock Weather app, which means the status bar will automatically show current conditions for the first city on the list. Once installed, there are some options to configure.


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