Where is the weather widget in iOS 7 Notification Center?

Where is the weather widget in iOS 7 Notification Center?

Looking for weather information to appear in the Today View of the iOS 7 Notification Center? Sometimes this redesigned summary of the weather will not show up in Notification Center until a few things are set properly. First of all make sure to configure the Today View:

Settings -> Notification Center -> TODAY VIEW -> Today Summary -> ON (green switch)

The stock Weather app now has a page dedicated to the weather in your present location. This information is used to populate the Today Summary in Notification Center. In order for the weather widget to do its thing, you must set the following:

Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> ON (green switch) -> Weather -> ON (green switch)

It might take a few minutes for the Weather app to get location data and acquire the current conditions. Once this is complete, check the Notification Center for weather info. You may need to reboot your iPhone for the weather widget to appear.



Thank you so much for posting this, was wracking my brain trying to figure out what settings I needed to tweak after the update. Much appreciated!

Can location services be disabled again after getting weather to show up in the notification center? My default is to have location services off unless I need it for nav purposes. It's a battery drainer and a privacy issue. Can you not have weather in notifications while the location services are disabled?

Is it just me or should you be able to view your local weather without turning on location services...
Id like to be able to wake up and check all my notifications and the weather for the place i set as my local area without the whole world knowing my location...
In the days before the NSA sniffing everyones butthole and paying/pressuring large companies to facilitate said butthole sniffing, the world didnt need your current location to check the weather for an area you deemed local.
Thanks for improving my day in the way you see fit crApple.

I tried your suggestions and they did not work. I lost the today summary after I downloaded a jailbreak tweak ncallonly. I really don't get why they got rid of the old nc weather widget and replaced only words.

It has something to do with the JB. I have the same problem. I believe it is a known issue.

Here's how to fix the JB weather issue https://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/973228

Thanks fur the information
It worked for me

A many thanks

There's ken more thing you need to confirm:

Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> On
Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Weather

Did what I needed thanks

Thanks man! Much helpful!