Is there a way to charge my iPhone while it is turned off?

Is there a way to charge my iPhone while it is turned off?

You may have tried to charge your iPhone while it was powered off only to have it turn itself on as soon as you plug it in to the USB cable or place it on the dock. As a result, it may have seemed that the iPhone insists on being turned on in order to charge.

As it turns out, this is not the case. Simply plug your iPhone in to charge while turned on (or off for that matter) and once it begins charging, power it down. If you power down after charging begins, the iPhone will remain turned off while still charging.


This is false. Every time I turn it off once I plug it in to charge, when I turn it on, 8 hours later (after I wake up from sleeping) it isn't charged at all. I am extremely pissed off about this (As you can tell).

Has a solution been found the above does not work.

It works. Plug it while it is on, once u see it charging. Turn it off. It charges quicker too. If u r unsure u can always check hwether your phone, say at 15%, has shoot up to 30% after 10 minutes or so. Hope this helps ~! ^-^

I agree it doesn't charge while turned off. If it did it would charge faster. This us not the case.

Yes you are right. The phone can be charged during shutdown

But how do you know when it's already full? I tried to charge it via my powerbank and I see it is charging (while turned off) but how about on a wall socket?

This is not true. The iphone doesn't charge while off - come on Apple!

It works. Plug it while it is on, once u see it charging. Turn it off. It charges quicker too.
If u r unsure u can always check whether your phone, say at 15%, has shoot up to 30% after 10 minutes or so.
Hope this helps ~! ^-^

It does work I did it on my iPhone 6s Plus and I plugged it up and turned it off at 68% and three minutes later it was at 85% you have to be doing something wrong or your battery might need to be replaced

My neighbor is friends with a softwafe engineer. When i turn my phone in at my house within 48 hours it will act in a way any sane person would want to get a new phone. I believe he is using a device that scand the open airspace fingerprints devices and instantly does a vulnerability scan. Listen apple techs, the guy is a "spftware engineer" at constant contact im cali. They develop marketing apps or somehow make lots of money with advertising. I keep getting infected with adware which in turn i swear to go opens a door for him to get a form of spyware. Somehow i believe my laptops, phones, and over iot (internet of things) associated with amazon awi AMI accounts. Now i might of worded that wrong but in a sense it adds the device to a virtual gateway therefore performing a mitm attack between myself and the Isp phone carrier, internet provider, and such. I came to this conclusion it has to be a wirless prob a bluetooth attack with the way even bluetooth not in discovery mode using linux package bluehydra with a piece of hardware called an ubertooth. With that combination a skilled "software engineer" can ruin your life. So it would be so awesome if i was to charge my phone at home i could control whether it turned on or not. Once they do what ever it is they do the phone is junk. Smart guy tech going to say just wipe the os and reflash ios on it by either establishing wifi connection ( hello mitm attack****$) or by going to the store. Yes, you can wipe my phone at the store, but can u change my imei number on the phone that the attacker has.already recieved when attached to my phone via bluetooth? How many i have changed the number and have bought three phones. I basicly am forced to charge my phone in transit, so stoo acting like your flaw is not a flaw and make it so plugging in the charger has no effect on the power status of the phone. Some idiot with a laptop can ruin your life. I wish it was an option to tear bluetooth out. For those of you took the time to read this look up mitm attack. Also get your self at least aware of what hackers can do now it gets crazier every year. Any one who comes out here and tries to say any of this is not possible is am idiot and the sole reason why these problems exist. Im not a conspiracy guy but if internet security doesnt get better were all in for it. You rely 100% on your devices so at the bare minimum we need full control over when they turn on.

This does work. I turned my iPhone 5c off whilst charging, and left it for about 5 minutes, it charged 8%

Your lucky because my phone has been charging for 4 hours and its still not full.

Have same problem!! Come on Apple!!

It does charge when off and faster. I plugged it in (dead battery) it turned itself on and began to charge (went to 16%) I turned it off and left it plugged in- ten minutes later I fired it up and the charge was at 32%

But does it become full? Answer: No. Come on Apple let's fix this!

Is the battery percentage display on iPhone 7 plus not supposed to appear while charging when phone is powered off? I believe it showed a battery percentage when I first got the phone and plugged it in. Anyone else notice this ?

Same thing with my iPhone 7plus. I could swear it showed that it was charging while it was powered off and plugged in, but not anymore.

same here with my 6s plus

I phone is crap. I just took my son's I phone 6 away because he was on it late at night and I said I was turning it off but I would charge it. He told me it will not charge while it's off. I laughed and said that's crazy you don't know what you're talking about. He said have you ever even had an iPhone mom... So I Googled it. Sure enough he was right. What kind of bullcrap phone is that. That you have to go through stupid steps just to charge your phone and what if you don't want it on. This is dumb. I will never trade my Samsung for an iPhone.

Yes, I did notice this too! No longer does this anymore. You are not crazy!

Yes it showed percentage when first plug charger that's it. It does not charge while off.

I just google searched this page to try to find answers too. I was surprised to see my iPhone X turn itself on three times!, it was charging on a mophie wireless charger, and I powered it off. It turned itself on three times!, I checked three times!

Honestly, I've been charging my Iphone 7 plus for about an hour now and it is not switching on at all!

It works i also had an argument with someone who was saying it dznt put it om charger whilst its on then switch of whilst charginh it will also charge fast

Once it's charging, cannot turn it off.

What if my useless iPhone 6s is currently on a boot loop? It keeps on turning on, and the boot loops makes it drain battery. This is literally insanity.