What item do I give Jerry in Pocket Mortys?

How do I complete the Broken Rickmote side quest?
How do I complete the Love Ricktor side quest?

Jerry Pocket Morty Side Quest

After winning 18 badges Jerry will ask you to help him put the romance back in his marriage. You can create a Love Potion for him by using the crafting recipe listed here. Jerry will give you a Mr. Meeseeks Box in return for helping him.

Jerry is also your first side mission of the game. To complete The Broken Rickmote side quest you need to give Jerry a regular battery.

Update: Here are all the Jerry side quests:
  • The Broken Rickmote - Item: Battery
  • The Love Ricktor - Item: Love Potion (Recipe #20)
  • Butter Me Up Rick - Item: Butter Robot (Recipe #22)
  • The Rick in me is a Rick in You - Item: Interdimensional Goggles (Recipe #28)


Use a love potion