Why can't I teleport to a different state in Mobile Strike?

How can I teleport / move to a protected state in Mobile Strike?

Mobile Strike advanced teleport

Moving to a protected state is not possible after your Mobile Strike headquarters (HQ) is level six (6) or above. All states are currently protected, which makes moving between states impossible at this level. To switch to a different state, you must create a new Mobile Strike account and restart the game.

You CAN teleport to another state if your Mobile Strike base / HQ is level five (5) or below. Make sure you choose the right state to set up shop, before you level up past this point and are stuck forever.


The ability to not be able to move states is stupid, I've been in my state and was enjoying the game and have spent good money growing. We now have some really big hitters that are ruining the game, taken over our hive and have changed all the rules. I should be able to change to another state because if this. This is very disappointing I'm unable to do this. They are just bullies

I have the same problem in my state to. This sucks and EW just sits there takes your money. It's getting boring when they won't bring in new bases. What they do is create another state.

I'm only a level 4 headquarters and I can't move to a different state why?

You only have two initial teleports once you use them you wont be able to jump states, even if you still level 5. Buying new teleports wont work when jumping states

I haven't moved at all and still can't teleport hq 4

I have the same problem. I'm only at lvl5 and cannot teleport to another state. I have not moved my base once since I started. I've been trying to move my base since I started. I'm trying to move to a state that's protected, but it won't let me. I thought that we were supposed to be able to teleport to other states even if they were protected as long as your base is lvl5 or lower?

I have HQ5 and can not teleport to other states! Mobile Strike answer me, that it must be possible, but it is not! Now Mobile Strike don't answer me since days...What can i do???

Yeah, being unable to move states is horrible. I was in an awesome protected state (LOWD, #807) until 40 minutes ago. It was nice and chill there. Then my state just got merged with a high population battle tested state and suddenly I've been attacked 4 times by players that are level 25+ (I'm level 16) with hundreds of thousands of troops (I have 94,000). Bye bye 45,000 tier 3 traps I just spent a week and a load of speed ups on...

I was in a protected state right next to a couple of friends. Now im in some other state and cant get back! What happened and why cant i move back? I have never moved states before.

I had the same problem. After a couple of rounds they said in so many words that you can't port if you have bought a pack. So if you get tempted by the sweet $5 pack or the AWSOME $19 pack when you are just starting and then Want to port you will not be able to. You will be stuck. I have multiple people that have done the same thing with the same result. You can load up on Gold reward crates and RSS and you can even gift yourself from another account and then jump. But don't spend any $$$!!!