How can I email multiple photos from my iPhone?

How can I email multiple photos from my iPhone?

You can email several iPhone photos to a recipient's email address at once. Follow these steps to email multiple pictures in one message:

1. Navigate to the Photos app.
2. Select the Camera Roll or look at a specific album.
3. While viewing the album, touch the icon in the lower left corner of the screen (the white box with a curved arrow).
4. Select the photos you wish to email. Each selected photo will appear white with a red checkmark in the corner.
5. Touch the Share button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
6. Choose the Email button.
7. Enter the To: address or choose one from Contacts by tapping the blue + button.
8. Enter a Subject: and add text to the email message body if desired. A preview of the photos appear in the email message body.
9. Press Send in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


That must only work for the iPnone 5 or 4S . it doesn't have that feature for email on iPhone4 to do multiple attachments.

Doesn't work on the 5 either.

MAX 5 Images ... ONLY ... otherwise E-Mails Button will not appear

I couldn't get it to work on my iPhone 5, either............

I tried this aswell & this doesn't work on iPhone 4 what you have to do is
select camera roll>edit (top right corner)>select photos you want to email>click share (bottom left corner) >email>insert recipient address & send

Spot on, thank you.

you need to select camera roll>edit (top right corner)>highlight multiple photos >share (bottom left)>email>insert recipient address>send

This is the correct procedure

Worked like a charm!

On the iphone 4s, the only share choice that is given after chosing multiple photos is share to: "facebook" or "copy." No option available to chose email. Please help!

select the photos as described above, then open a new email, enter email address, subject, then paste (press & hold) in the body of the email. The photos you had previously selected will appear, and you can then select the size of the photos before sending.

This worked to my amazement. Thanks


There is an app called "iMail It!" which allows you to select as many files as you want and attach them in an email.

The link to the AppStore is!/id646763270?l=es&ls=1&mt=8

Hope this helps!

This advice was spot on & worked for me - a complete novice on iPad. Thanks very much for the tip.

Thank you for app idea, no point using iOS default mail when it restricts so much I do not wish to spend 20 min selecting each picture I want (if it exceeds 5 pics you have to manually select and put in email no thanks)

It does work. However, the no. of photos (or the amount of data) that can be sent is limited. When you succeed the allowable, the "message and Email" features disappear. Try two photos and you'll see the "email" feature appears. I was able to send only 5 photos. When I chose more than 5 photos, the "email" feature did not appear. Also, be cautious about the quality of the sent photo is as you prefer. Choosing more photos (more data) will be on the acount of quality.

Follow the procedure as mentioned above.
But when you get to the point if having too many photos and the share via message or email option disappears that's okay. Just choose copy.... Wait for it to finish loading, takes a couple seconds. Then go to your email or mms and hold on the text section and when paste option appears select it. This again will take a couple seconds but patience is a virtue. Boom there's all your pics now hit send :)

Yay! After lots of frustration your tip worked thank you so much I was trying to send too much at one time

Thank you. Thank you thank you
Been frustrated for months!

yes this is what im doing right now

i get more flexibility and email numerous attachments using the altamail app with minimal hassle

this is crap.... when will Apple learn that people want to do things...... how about replying to an email - why cant you attach a photo.... does anyone at apple not do that? Same goes with attaching a file.... not good Apple - fix it please.

You can. Press and hold in body of email and you will see select/select all/paste and an arrow. Click the arrow and you will see "insert photo" :)

The above tip worked like a charm. Go to camera roll. Select photos ( I managed 50....yes, 50) select copy then go to your email and paste. When you hit the send button it will give you the option to reduce the size to small medium or large. AWESOME!

The email icon needs to be added to the new operating system. It is not there

I have an iphone 5c and when i press share it does not give me the mail option?

try the ”copy” function and then open e-mail and paste all the photos you have selected. I think IOS 7/8 dont have the function to directly send them as e-mail

Thanks, just go to your album, click select and select all photos you want.
Then left bottom icon, select copy.
Then go mail and just hold your finger in the body, and select paste.
You can do more than 5 photos, but keep in mind that mailservers might block mail over 10 or 15 or 20 mb, so compress accordingly.


I've got an iphone as a work phone. So long winded to do anything simple.
Android? Album/Select photos/Share/Email
You would never need to google how to do something so basic.

I just updated my phone with the latest IOS 9.0.2. If I want to be able to email multiple photos I have to select them in camera roll, hit the blue square w/up arrow and hit copy (no email icon). Then go to compose an email in my mailbox and paste it in the body. Kind of a pain. I can only email straight from camera roll only if selecting one photo.