How much will the iPhone cost? Is a price drop in the works?

How much will the iPhone cost? Is a price drop in the works?

One of the most off-putting aspects of the iPhone for many hopeful owners has been the reported high price tag that will supposedly be slapped on the iPhone at the time of it's release (sometime during June 2007). Initial indications from Apple and AT&T/Cingular at the time of the Steve Jobs' keynote address which introduced the iPhone placed the iPhone pricetag at $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB model.

Recently, however, there has been speculation that Apple and AT&T might be consideirng dropping this pricetag before the iPhone hits stores in June. A leaked test advertisement, part of a market survey by market research company Pinecone Research shows that Apple and AT&T are making efforts to gague customer reaction to lower prices displayed in the ad.

Leaked iPhone Advertisement

The lower prices are significantly so. $299 for the 4GB model and $399 for the 8GB mark a $200 decrease from the prices announced at the keynote. No word yet on whether the lower prices seen in the ad are to become a reality, but we can all keep our fingers crossed.


I read on another site that this cingular ad was proven to be false. Here is a link to what I saw:

I've been keeping an eye on this faq site, but I would like to submit questions that I have...I have so many more questions! :P

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I think that Apple should drop the price to something that everyone can afford. People who have a smaller budget would not be able to buy this product. If Apple were to drop its' price, then they would sell more of their product. It would be like the Razors, almost eveyone in school has one.

yea rite apple should keep this price so a teen like me can break necks (get stares) it should be for people who can acutally afford to pay and use it but who knows what will happen

Keep in mind that the RAZR was very expensive when it first came out. In fact, I paid $500 for the V3 RAZR when it first came out, so a price drop that drastic is unlikely. It is smarter for Apple to keep a high proce tag for a while, since there are lots of customers who are willing to pay a high price for the phone. After about a year, they can drop the price significantly, and demand will still be high because low budget people will want a "high-end" phone.

This will be exactly the same scenario than it was with the V3 RAZR a couple of years back.

Read you loud and clear, XXRay003. I can remember when the RAZR was $499. Imagine what a you're getting for your money for $499 when you think iPhone vs. RAZR. Sure, they're a couple years apart - but not THAT far.

I think paying 499 for a 4 gig is bull cuz u pay 250 for a ipod video and u pay about a 100 dollars for a phone and that is 350 not counting taxes and if someone taped an ipod to a cellphone they could sell it for 500 dollars that makes no sense at all i think u should lower the price to about 350 for an 8 gig cuz i want one for my bday and i dont think people would spend 500 dollars on just one freakin gift.

keep in mind the fact that its an apple...and we all know how pricey apple can be...also...ts an innovative touch screen...thats why its pricey...were paying for the "pinch" feature hahaha.

The price reflects only the misinformation of the guy who designed the ad. He simply "filled in the blanks".

would the 599/499 be before of after your typical 2 yr agreement?

Yeah imean remember when ipod first came out how high they was and you had hardly seen anybody with them then when they drop the price they became mandatory in household every household and apple was makig more money then ever.think about that apple,think about how much money you all could have if everybody own them instead of just Bill Gates,Donald Trump etc...WHICH ONE MAKES MORE SENSE AND MORE MONEY!

my main question is how this screen is going to be protected?
is there going to be a lock feature because.. i dont know about ya'll.... but i drop my phone alllll the time and i dont want to buy something thats sure to break almost as soon as i get it.

I have no idead why someone would charge 499-599 on a friggen phone. I think you should drasticly lower the price of iphone. Im very sure many people will buy at that price but, more people would definitly go for a less costly iphone. I would personally think that 200-300 dollars would be the "hot" price that most people would go for.

everyone keep in mind, that the iphone is purchased through Apple not at&t . so what are the price differences on apple products over the years not at&t . the service is only through the phone company. they do not set the prices apple does. i really hope it drops enough for every day consumers.