Where can I check Apple system status (services / stores / iCloud)?

Apple provides a support page with real-time status information for its services, stores and iCloud. Each individual system is monitored and will indicate whether or not there's a problem.

Along the bottom is a detailed timeline of known issues. Access the Apple Support system status page at the following URL:


iPhoneFAQ Most Popular Posts of 2009

The most popular posts of 2009 show that demand for tethering on the AT&T network is strong despite a lack of official support. The following list focuses heavily on Apple's upgrades to the iPhone operating system and issues encountered by some users with firmware 3.1.

As always, there's heavy interest in jailbreaking every new iPhone OS. Another story that made the top 10 was the delay and subsequent launch of MMS in the US.

Where can I find the music/song from the iPhone commercials?

We know how catchy the song from the iPhone commercials is, so we're by no means suprised you've come looking for it. After quite a bit of digging for a tidbit of knowledge we expected to be plastered everywhere, we finally found it.

The music featured in the iPhone commercials is from a song entitled Perfect Timing by a band named Orba Squara, an "organic" music group out of New York city.

You can listen to Perfect Timing on Orba Squara's MySpace page.


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