iPhoneFAQ Most Popular Posts of 2009

The most popular posts of 2009 show that demand for tethering on the AT&T network is strong despite a lack of official support. The following list focuses heavily on Apple's upgrades to the iPhone operating system and issues encountered by some users with firmware 3.1.

As always, there's heavy interest in jailbreaking every new iPhone OS. Another story that made the top 10 was the delay and subsequent launch of MMS in the US.

1. How to Activate iPhone Tethering With Firmware 3.1.2 (3G and 3GS)
2. How can i downgrade from iTunes 9?
3. Dev-Team Releases iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak
4. iPhone Update 3.1.2... No Battery Fix?
5. Users Report Problems With iPhone 3.1 Update
6. How can I downgrade from iPhone firmware 3.1?
7. Users Reporting Problems With iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0
8. AT&T to Notify iPhone Users of MMS Activation
9. Tip: Show iPhone Battery Percentage Remaining
10. iPhone MMS on AT&T: Not Until September

Thanks to all of our readers for your support in 2009. Happy New Year!