What is the release date for the iPhone OS 4.1 firmware update?

What is the release date for the iPhone OS 4.1 firmware update?

UPDATE: Apple released iOS 4.1 on Wednesday September 8, 2010.

Apple has made the iOS 4.1 Beta 2 firmware available to developers for testing. The new version is expected to include many bug fixes and improvements including:

Fixing proximity sensor issues on the iPhone 4.
Correcting performance and battery issues on the iPhone 3G.

Other rumored fixes include improvements to the iPhone 4 antenna software and increased uploading speeds on the AT&T network. Apple may also add a watermark using encryption technology that would indicate whether or not an iPhone was jailbroken in the past, even if the device is restored.

Apple has not announced an official release date for iOS 4.1. Looking at past firmware releases we can expect iOS 4.1 to launch during the second week of September. Check back for updates as new information becomes available.


watermark thingy may not be true.

I'm running 4.1 beta 3 on my iPhone 4. I noticed that when trying to roll back to iOS 4.0.1 it doesn't let you restore your information back. It prompts you with something like, "error, the phone can not be restored. Your software is too old. Please update to the latest version and try again." So backing up your blobs are a bit moot.

This is silly since I was only trying to test my software on both os versions.

I see this as a possible problem to jailbreakers...

As for a watermark... Nah! They currently only have a log that shows your restores, updates and might list something else in the final version. I'm sure those behind the jailbreaks can adjust a log file. Apple is not big brother, AT&T on the other hand might be.

Actually it's nothing with the water marks as you say. I was on the iPhone 3G before on ios4 and I tried to roll back to 3.1.3 which I did and when I tried to restore my data it wouldn't.

Then after so much research, I found out that since the Data was back up on a different firmware so it's not possible to restore the date to an old fw.

And this was when ios 4 was released

I REALLY hope they address the Bluetooth problems. In iOS4, it's a complete disaster, and after trying out 3 different headsets (Jawbone, Plantronics and Motorola), they all have the same general response from the person on the other end... "are you in a tunnel"", "am I on speakerphone?", "you sound like a robot".

I didn't have any of these issues in 3.2... get it right apple!

I've been using my plantronics voyager pro for some time now with my iphone 4 and it works perfect. I've been told I sound even better with the plantronics.

I know we're not the only ones. but it's good to see someone with the same responses. Especially the "robot" voice. How long could it possibly take to fix this? DAMN!!

I have an iphone 3gs with ios 4.0.1. I am noticing issues with safari on my newer iphone. safari keyboard freezes up on me when using in websites such as netflix. This happens to me quite frequently, so I hope safari is looked at in the fix/bug fix.

When Apple released the new iO.S 4, they tried to prevent Jailbreaking, and they failed. The Jailbreak community is very large, manly because people who Jailbreak can use Apps that work and use their iDevice so it doesnt do all this s-l-o-w laggy stuff, take the
iPhone 3G for example, (i own a 3G) the device is very slow when trying to load stuff, I have heard other people say it, and I have compared to O.S 3.2.2 and and IPhone 3Gs/iPhone 4, and the iPhone 3G with iO.S 4, didn't have Multi-tasking, wallpapers and battery percentages. But if some one Jailbreaks it, they can have these features, this is what I did, because I wanted those new features, fancy ads and folders and a slow O.S isn't for me.

Apple needs to get with it, give some one an intensive to not Jailbreak (a good reason),

iOS update 4.1 has been released. Yeaaaa ! !

iOS 4.1 has been released ! ! Yeaaaaa ! ! !