Why are there black blocks in my iPhone camera roll / photo library?

Why are there black blocks in my iPhone camera roll / photo library?

Many of you have written concerning an issue where portions of your camera roll and/or photo library on your are affected by "black blocks" after upgrading to iOS 4.x.

This seems to be caused by a sync error, and can usually be resolved by taking the following steps:

1) Connect your iPhone to your PC
2) Uncheck the option to Sync photos in iTunes
3) Sync your iPhone
4) Recheck the option to Sync photos in iTunes
5) Sync your iPhone

This should sync a fresh copy of your iPhone photo library and eliminate the black blocks.

If this does not resolve the issue, you may additionally need to delete all the photos from your camera roll before resyncing. Be sure to import any photos in your camera roll that you want to save to your PC before deleting them on your phone.


Hey it worked...thank you so much for the help :)

So the pics on my phone are taken with the phone. I don't sync them with the computer. Is there another solution?

I had to manually delete the black blocks....pretty easy. Go to your camera roll, and touch each black block and you should see a red/white check-mark showing each block is selected. Then just touch "Delete Selected" at the bottom of your screen. I did this a couple days ago...so it is somewhat fresh in my memory. But it worked. Good luck.

So all the photos on my camera roll that I took over the last few weeks are now gone? Are they backed up anywhere?

Check out the thread on this site, I followed the instruction from alijm23 and it solved my black block problem. Good luck.