How can I search calendars on my iPhone?

How can I search calendars on my iPhone?

The calendar you're currently viewing (or all calendars if you're viewing all) on your iPhone can be searched easily.

1. Run the Calendar app
2. Select List from the bottom menu
3. Enter the search term in the search field at the top of the screen

Invitees, Locations and Titles of your events will be searched as you type. For additional results touch the Search button.

Another way to search Calendar events is to search your entire iPhone. Make sure you're on the first home screen then press the home button (or swipe right) to bring up Spotlight. Enter the search term into the search field at the top of the screen. Calendars will be searched along with everything else on your iPhone.


Search Limited to 2-year window.

According to the knowledgebase, Spotlight search will only look for events within a 2 year window, ie. 1 year before to 1 year after today.

Records older than 1 year will not be found. Unlike the old obsolete PalmOS, which has full calendar search feature. This limits iOS as an archiver.

However one can still manually scroll and eyeball search through all past calender items, in the List view.

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