How to enter times with the keypad on iPhone

Calendar time picker numpad

Apple reinstated the classic dial picker in apps such as Calendar and Clock with the release of iOS 15. Many iPhone fans find the large dials easier to use, and don't miss the previous design. For those who prefer a shortcut, the ability to enter a time or date with the number pad has not gone away. The feature may be hidden, however there's a simple way to quickly bring up the keypad.

How do I disable holidays in the Calendar app?

The stock iOS Calendar app is a great way to keep appointments, set tasks and create reminders, but sometimes the listed holidays can clog up your schedule, especially if you do not celebrate them. Each holiday, appointment, reminder, birthday is marked by a dot making it hard to tell them apart. This can be inconvenient if you're searching your calendar app manually and not using the search function.


How to print your Calendar as a PDF on iPhone

iOS Calendar

Keeping track of appointments, holidays, and other events with the iOS Calendar app is convenient. The iPhone integrates event details such as phone numbers and addresses seamlessly into Calendar, with Siri intelligently adding items based on incoming email and messages. Sometimes a PDF file of event dates, or a schedule printed on paper is the best way to share your Calendar. There's a simple way to quickly print your Calendar data as a PDF directly on iPhone.


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