Will the iPhone 4 output 720p HD video using HDMI or a 30-pin dock connector?

Will the iPhone 4 output 720p HD video using HDMI or a 30-pin dock connector?

UPDATE: The iPad 2 Digital AV Adapter is compatible with the iPhone 4. This will output 720p HD video to a compatible display with an HDMI connection.

It's not clear right now whether or not the Apple iPhone 4 will output 720p HD video to an external display. The camera is capable of recording at this resolution and videos can be exported from iMovie in HD.

Three options are currently available from Apple to output video but none of these support HD resolution:

iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter (1024 x 768 pixels)
Apple Component AV Cable (576p and 480p)
Apple Composite AV Cable (576i and 480i)

We'll post updates here as soon as we get more information on iPhone 4 HD output.



1024 x 768 pixels is HD resolution. Anything over 720 lines is officially HD. But movies purchased hrough iTunes will not even output at that resolution through the VGA.

That's wrong. For 720p, the resolution required is 1280×720. Since the adapter doesn't support 1280 lines of vertical resolution, it isn't HD.

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Not so fast. The DVCPRO-HD codec for 720p clearly cheats and is somewhat below 1280, but scales it back up in real time. It's still called HD and used in broadcast as such. If the original resolution is in the near-ballpark and then live-streched to 1280x720, its HD for all practical purposes.