How to play music while recording iPhone video

Apple Music

Entering video mode on the iPhone Camera app instantly shuts down any playing audio. iOS is set up this way because most people are interested in recording whatever sounds are happening in the video. The camera feature known as Quick Take allows music to continue playing over the iPhone speaker while a new video is recording.

This means video creators can quickly capture video on the iPhone while playing a track from various audio apps. Audio and music playing from apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, Podcasts, and Pandora will keep playing if recording is started using the method below.

To let music continue playing on iPhone while recording a video, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure music or other audio is actively playing on the iPhone
  2. Launch the Camera app
  3. Don't switch to Video mode, just line up your image in Photo mode
  4. Tap and hold the shutter release button to start recording video
  5. iPhone Quick Take video
  6. Swipe right to lock recording and continue capturing video
  7. The song keeps playing while video is recorded