Totem Buys Used iPhones in Three Simple Steps

There's only one thing better than upgrading your iPhone, and that's getting money back for the old one you're replacing. If you're looking to selling the iPhone there are several options available. Totem has established a comprehensive service that streamlines the process and promises competitive pricing.

HelloTotem buys iPhones steps

Simplicity means a lot, because it can take time and effort to post a used iPhone on eBay or Craigslist with no guarantee of payment or pricing. One advantage of is a quote up front of exactly what Totem is willing to pay. Accepting the quote puts the process in motion and a pre-paid mailer is sent to your address.

Then you can just wipe your data, pack up the iPhone and send it on its way. Totem even offers a data wipe service for $7.00 for added convenience. This fee is completely optional and will come off of the final sale price for your used iPhone. So how much are used iPhones going for at Totem?

A 16GB Verizon iPhone 4 in good condition is currently quoted at almost $177. This practically pays for a $200 upgrade to the iPhone 4S! Totem maintains that 98 percent of quotes offered on the site are accurate, with changes only necessary when a seller overestimates or underestimates the condition of the used iPhone. That's right, Totem will actually pay more if they find your device to be in better condition than you thought.

Totem's service provides complete device tracking, and if they receive the iPhone before 10AM on a business day payment is issued that day. You can collect your money via PayPal or check. Every model of the iPhone that Apple has produced is accepted for sale, including the very first models ever released. Totem accepts used smartphones from other brand names including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, LG, HTC and BlackBerry. Totem also started a program for used iPads for sale, which is big news considering the recent release of the Retina screen iPad 3.

If you have doubts about Totem, the Better Business Bureau has given the company an A rating and Wired and several other publications have written up testimonials proving that what's promised is delivered. The bottom line is that Totem provides an extremely simple way to sell your used iPhone at top prices for minimal effort.

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I thought they threw the money changers out the temple a long time ago. This is a joke. They pay less then half of what you can get on eBay or Craigslist !!!
you should not even report about those rip-off artists.

This company is a rip off. I sent my phone and never received a penny! And customer service essentially 'ghosted' me.