Will the iPhone Launch Be Delayed?

Will the iPhone Launch Be Delayed?

Recent news out of Apple and industry analyst firms suggest that the iPhone may miss it's release target. Late this week it was announced that Apple was forced to shift engineers from their Leopard OS project, delaying that products launch, in order to try to keep the iPhone's release on schedule.

Subsequently, reports out of iSuppli - a market research and intelligence company - hinted that Apple may be having more difficulty working with the iPhone than was expected. An iSuppli analyst indicated that the slowdowns are issues of complexity with the device itself, and that suppliers of iPhone components are making their deliveries "on time".

Though Apple has not officially announced an exact release date for the iPhone, widely reported information from it's partner, Cingular/AT&T, cited a June 11 release date for the phone. In it's April 12 statement, however, Apple indicated the device would ship in "late June".

This recent news from Apple along with unconfirmed insider reports of battery life issues from Cingular Wireless/AT&T have led many industry analysts to worry that the iPhone won't even achieve a late June release due to mushrooming problems Apple could be having putting the device into production.


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