Can I upgrade to iPhone OS 4.0 on my original (2G) iPhone?

Can I upgrade to iPhone OS 4.0 on my original (2G) iPhone?

No. At this time reports have indicated that first generation iPhones (also known as 2G) will not support firmware version 4.0. iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the fourth-generation iPhone hardware will all support the new operating system. This leaves the iPhone 2G stuck at iOS 3.1.3.

iPhone OS 4.0 has been described by some sources as making the iPhone act more like a full-fledged computer.

Rumors have also surfaced of a new hardware device that will run iPhone OS 4.0 and sport a 10-inch touch screen. Some application developers have already been asked by Apple to prepare versions of their software that will support the larger screen format.

Apple is expected to announce iPhone OS 4.0 on Wednesday, January 27, 2010.


Why there is no os 4 for iPhone 2g ???!!! Fuck apple business plans ...

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Wow what an intelligent comment. iPhone 2G is 3 years old! Apple has supported it for a whole 3 years up to now. Find me ONE phone that has updates coming for it for that long! Idiot.

they do have just 4 models, idiot, tell me a phone manufacturer with such a number...btw, i own one. still sux

iphone2g and 3g are same both have 128 mb ram and model numbers this means apple will not support iphone 2g anymore

Droid.. Idiot!

Seems silly that it wouldn't be supported. It's July 2012 and the iPhone 2G still works. Why shouldn't it run ios 4.0. Apple just wants to sell you a new device.

send me mail i can send custom firmware 4.0 for iphone 2g

Please help with this issue. It's a shame you can't download Facebook to this phone from the app store!

Hello Apple: So are you saying that you are not going to support us anymore in future? Have you forgotten that we were the first ones to bite into your apple iPHONE???