How do I disable holidays in the Calendar app?

The stock iOS Calendar app is a great way to keep appointments, set tasks and create reminders, but sometimes the listed holidays can clog up your schedule, especially if you do not celebrate them. Each holiday, appointment, reminder, birthday is marked by a dot making it hard to tell them apart. This can be inconvenient if you're searching your calendar app manually and not using the search function.


How to add rooms and zones in iPhone's Home app

How to create rooms and zones in Home app for iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Home app is designed to be a control center for all of your HomeKit accessories - TVs, routers, thermostats, speakers, alarm systems, lights, fans and any other appliances or gadgets you might have connected. When setting up your home in the app it's a good idea to organize your accessories by room and your rooms by zone. For example, you could set up a living room and kitchen in a "first floor" zone, then you could turn the lights on or off in both simply by turning on the lights for that zone. Before setting up rooms and zones you need at least one accessory already added.

How to stop Netflix from auto-playing the next episode

Auto play next episode Netflix

Netflix and chill takes on a whole new meaning when binge watching. Plowing through a whole series in days seems to be the whole point of the service's auto-play feature. Netflix automatically starts the next episode of the current series, often before the credits are even finished rolling. There's only a few seconds in which to abort the next episode. Once it's started, it's already too late.

Why won't my earbuds / headphones connect to my iOS device?

Bluetooth Settings

Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth to check if your device is connected to your iPhone. If it says "Not Connected" next to the name of the device then you must try and connect that device. Make sure that the device you're trying to connect is on and in range of your iPhone, then tap the name of the device in the "My Devices" section to try and connect.


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