Apple and Hyundai discuss Apple Car partnership


Reports of an Apple Car have returned, with news that Apple and Hyundai Motor are in partnership talks to produce an electric vehicle. The two companies are said to be aiming for March to sign the deal, with production starting early as 2024. Apple has long been rumored to be working on autonomous driving software for vehicles, or even its own car.

How to return to full screen call notifications on iPhone

How to return to full screen call notifications on iPhone.

iOS 14 reduced incoming call notifications to a banner at the top of the screen. Most people are probably happy with this, as they can continue doing whatever they were doing without a major interruption, but some people may still prefer the old full screen notification. For one, if you have your iPhone on silent, a full screen call alert is probably going to catch your eye more easily than the smaller version.

How to stop iPhone apps from tracking location

Apple iPhone Location Services

Location services on the iPhone is constantly collecting and tracking the position of your device anywhere in the world. For most people this provides an incredible level of convenience for everyday activities, such as looking at maps or connecting with friends and family. On the flip side, there can be a dark side for privacy when it comes to personal data being shared.

Apple AirTags sport a circular design

The design of the upcoming Apple AirTags has been leaked. Besides delivering proof that a new product release is imminent, animations from the iOS pairing process show details of the AirTags shape and composition. For example, pairing a new set of AirPods delivers a 3D animation, which shows the product the iPhone or iPad is communicating with in detail.

How to restart or factory reset AirPods Max

AirPods Max blue

Apple AirPods Max are loaded with hardware and software, providing support for all of the wireless headset's features. Noise reduction, computational audio, and other complexities may occasionally need troubleshooting. If your AirPods Max are not performing as expected, restarting or resetting the headphones might be necessary.


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