When is the iOS 17 release date?

Apple iOS

Apple has released a major update to its mobile operating system each September for 11 years running. Last year, the company launched iOS 16 to the public on Monday, September 12. This was just five days after the media keynote event revealing the iPhone 14 lineup.

Look for iOS 17 to drop in fall 2023, most likely in early to mid-September. Here is a list of past iOS release dates in September:


Apple code confirms realityOS headset

Meta Quest 2

Apple continues work on its mixed reality headset, which could debut later this year. There have been competing rumors about what the headset will be capable of, its pricing, and the operating system under development. Now open source code from Apple directly references a new platform named "realityOS".

How to edit a workout in Apple Fitness


Sometimes Apple Watch prompts to record a workout automatically. While this feature can be helpful, if the user forgets to end the workout it leads to misleading data saved to the Fitness app. Other times a workout might be extended after recording has stopped, which leads to the question of how to manually edit a workout entry.

Don't look to the Fitness app for editing workout length. Workouts can only be viewed in the Fitness app. The only way to have control over workout data is through the Health app on iPhone.


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