How to create smart albums in Photos for Mac

How to create smart albums in Photos for Mac.

Organizing your photos into albums can be a lengthy, painstaking process, especially if you have thousands upon thousands of photos to sort through. Fortunately, the Photos app for Mac has a tool that can be useful for this task - Smart Albums. Basically this tool lets you automatically group your photos by a number of criteria into albums. Unfortunately, and for unknown reasons, smart albums don't synch with iCloud, so you won't be able to create a smart album on your Mac and then view it on your iPhone.

iPhone SE launch coming on April 15th

iPhone 8

Evidence continues to mount that Apple's next iPhone announcement will happen this month. The 2020 iPhone SE, otherwise known as the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2, will enter the market as Apple's next budget smartphone. With a lower cost, updated internal components, and a design similar to the iPhone 8, the upcoming iPhone could hit shelves as early as April 22nd. Reports indicate that Apple was planning a media event for late March, however with a global pandemic ongoing these plans have changed.

How to share folders on iCloud from your Mac

How to share folders on iCloud from your Mac.

iOS 13 introduced iCloud folder sharing (and it finally came to full fruition in iOS 13.4), allowing iPhone and iPad users to share folders (instead of just files) with each other via iCloud Drive, giving it a Dropbox-like usability. The same functionality came to Mac with macOS Catalina - here's how to share folders from you Mac with other iCloud users:


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