How to scan documents from the Files app on iPhone

How to scan documents from the Files app on iPhone and iPad.

Notes was the first app to feature a scan document option, which debuted with iOS 11. iOS 13 has added that feature to both Mail and Files. It makes the most sense for Files to have a scanner, since you can attach documents from Files to both Notes and Mail, and it gives you a place to store the scanned document if it is something you'll want to access again in the future.

Here's how to scan a document from the Files app on your iPhone:

Why is the Night Shift sunset to sunrise schedule missing on my iPhone?

Night Shift automatic schedule

Night Shift makes it possible for iPhone owners to warm the color of their displays at night. Some iOS users prefer to manually switch on this feature, which is designed to help improve sleep and match warm evening hues after the sun has set. Night Shift can also be invoked automatically, either on a timed schedule or based on the local sunset time. But what happens if the Sunset to Sunrise schedule option is missing from Night Shift settings?

How to listen to Spotify on Apple TV

Spotify Apple TV

The launch of recent updates to Spotify have brought support for Siri voice commands on iOS 13. Spotify subscribers have another reason to celebrate, as the app has finally made its way to Apple TV. Now instead of using AirPlay or other methods to stream Spotify albums and playlists, they can be accessed directly on Apple TV.


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