Apple launches Self Service Repair Store

Apple Self Service Repair Store

Over 200 individual parts and tools are now available through Apple's official self service repair portal. Officially known as the Self Service Repair Store, the offerings currently include comprehensive DIY solutions for the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE (3rd generation). However, iPhone repairs at home are not for the faint at heart.

How to fix Apple Watch with blank screen

Apple Watch Series 6 blank screen issue

Some Apple Watch owners are experiencing a problem where the screen goes blank and never comes back. The permanently blank screen issue has affected a small percentage of Apple Watch units manufactured between April and September 2021. Only Apple Watch Series 6 models in the 40mm size have displays that turn off and stay off due to this problem.

How to set up a Twitter Community

Twitter Communities

Twitter Communities are a space where users can connect and hold discussions about specific topics. The specialized groups are controlled by Twitter admins and moderators, who are tasked with enforcing community rules and keeping conversations relevant to the overall topic. Community tweets can be seen by all Twitter users but only invited members can participate in the discussion. Anyone with an active public account can join a community when invited by a member. Some groups can also have open memberships where anyone can enjoy.


How to use Instagram chronological feeds on iPhone

Instagram feeds

Instagram has restored its chronological feed. Users can select this sorting option after launching the app, which places the most recent posts first in line. Until 2016 this was the default setting, but since then an algorithmically ranked feed is displayed in the Home tab. The time-sorted feed must be selected every time the app is re-opened.


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