How to get a "burner" phone number for short term use

How to get a temporary burner phone number for your iPhone.

There are plenty of situations where a different phone number can come in handy - basically any time you don't want to give out any personal information, which can link to other private information and so on. Perhaps you want to sign up for a service that requires you to verify by texting you a code (which just about everything does) and you don't want to give out your real number; maybe you need to text with a stranger who wants to buy something from you on Craigslist; maybe you want to use a different number for a Tinder date.


Apple releases COVID-19 screening website and app

Apple COVID-19

Apple has launched a new app and website with up-to-date information to help people stay informed about COVID-19 aka the coronavirus. Both the app and website were created in partnership with the CDC1, the Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA, according to the press release. The new COVID-19 screening tool and resources aims to help people stay informed and stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak.


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