How to track step count on Apple Watch

Activity app

Apple Watch offers a wide variety of functions to Apple users, way beyond a simple pedometer or fitness band. That being said, sometimes the most useful activity data is also the most basic. There are times when tracking the distance walked, flights of steps climbed, or total steps helps achieve goals. Most step trackers are pre-set to encourage 10,000 steps per day.

Do I have warranty coverage on my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Apple offers a one-year limited warranty on Apple Watch models. Purchasing AppleCare+ extends this coverage for another year, adding more services including accidental damage repairs. For those Apple Watch owners wondering if their devices are still covered under AppleCare+ or the original warranty, it's easy to find out.

Follow these steps to see the warranty status of Apple Watch:

What is Slide Over on iPad?

Slide Over iPad

Apple has introduced different ways to perform multitasking in recent versions of iPadOS. One of these methods is called Slide Over. One app can be switched to a Slide Over window, which allows it to be placed in front of another running app or window. Slide Over can be used to switch between these two apps quickly.



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