Apple Music Voice Plan discontinued after two years

Apple Music Voice Plan

Apple has discontinued its $4.99 monthly Apple Music Voice Plan, which was designed to facilitate Siri-powered navigation through the streaming music platform's library. The low-key announcement from Apple marks an end to the service after a brief two-year stint. Initially launched in October 2021, the plan aimed to offer users an affordable means to access Apple Music using just Siri voice commands.

How to use Roadside Assistance via satellite on iPhone

iOS Roadside assistance via Satellite

Apple and AAA have joined forces to offer a solution for iPhone users facing car trouble in areas with no cellular coverage. For owners of the iPhone 14 or later, Roadside Assistance via satellite promises to make getting stranded in remote areas a bit less difficult. For compatibility, your iPhone must support Emergency SOS via satellite, which is limited to the United States and available for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models running iOS 17 or later. Travelers visiting the US can also take advantage of this feature.

Apple releases iOS 17.1 update with new features

Apple iOS 17

Today Apple rolled out the highly-anticipated iOS 17.1 update for iPhone, marking the biggest additions to device functionality since the launch of iOS 17. This update not only addresses bugs and security issues but also introduces several new features.

AirDrop enhancements

AirDrop now allows content to continue transferring over the internet, ensuring seamless sharing even when you're out of AirDrop range. This is a game-changer for those who frequently rely on this feature.


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