Can I get Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair?

How can I see Apple diagnostic information on my iPhone? Does Self Service Repair show iOS diagnostics?

Apple Self Repair

Yes, Apple has introduced Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair, which allows customers to access the diagnostic software previously exclusive to Apple Stores and authorized service providers. This tool is now available in the US and comes to Europe next year. The software was announced as part of Apple's expanded Self Service Repair program, covering the iPhone 15 model series.

Diagnostics software used by Apple technicians comprehensively identifies issues across various device components, streamlining the repair process by pinpointing necessary fixes. While described as a "new diagnostic tool," it offers the same capabilities as those used by authorized repair partners. Accessible remotely via the web, this tool is intended for knowledgeable iPhone owners or repair shops, making it possible for them to conduct diagnostic troubleshooting sessions.