First Nintendo Emulator Available for the Apple iPhone

The last week or so has seen the arrival of the first significant third party applications for the Apple iPhone. We're not talking about AJAX web applications, we're talking true third party software running on the iPhone. The latest of these is the first NES emulator for the iPhone.

nintendo nes comes to the iphone

A programmer named stepwhite has delivered a native NES emulator for the iPhone based on the InfoNES core. Amongst the titles seemingly working via the emulator are: Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Mega Man 2

iPhoneFAQ Giving Away V-Moda Vibe Duo Earphones made for the Apple iPhone

If you haven't heard of v-moda, you're obviously not on the cutting edge of euro-hollywood precision audio earplugs. Don't feel bad though, it's not too late to get in the know. v-moda is a manufacturer of high end headphones that are as equally dedicated to style as they are to substance. If you were going to take a pair of headphones onto the red carpet with you, you'd take a pair of v-modas.

win a pair of v-moda vibe duo iphone headphones from iPhoneFAQ

v-moda recently released a new model in their popular Vibe product line called the Vibe Duo, made specially for the Apple iPhone. The Vibe Duos offer all of the typical style and quality of v-moda's other earplugs, with an integrated microphone for handling calls on the Apple iPhone. In fact, the Vibe Duos are compatible with most mobile phones - so owners aren't limited to using them with just the iPhone.

More about the v-moda Vibe Duos:

Apple iPhone Unlocked for Use in Europe

Not long after we updated you about a major milestone on the road to an unlocked iPhone, one which brought an unlocked iPhone ever closer, hackers have unlocked the iPhone for use in Europe.

iphone unlocked in europe

Though this does not appear to be a "true" or "full" unlock, as the method requires the creation of a new SIM card using a SIM card reader/writer, it is also more significant than previous SIM card hacks. This latest achievement has resulted in fully working (with the exception of YouTube and Visual Voicemail in some cases) iPhones operating on European carriers.

So far, users have reported iPhones working in

Hackers Hit Major Milestone in Unlocking the iPhone

The team behind the iPhone Dev Wiki, which has become the foremost camp of hackers attempting to unlock the Apple iPhone, has hit another major milestone in their efforts. The team released news recently that they have successfully extracted the full content of the NOR memory (from the S-Gold2).

hackers hit major iphone unlocking milestone

Although the Wiki team hasn't released the source code or the dump of the NOR memory at this point, they have released a binary which will allow others to dump the content of their iPhone's NOR memory as well.

Don't know what that means? Join the masses. The important thing is

Google Phone a Reality Again? New Prototype Surfaces

Things had been quiet for a while on the Google Phone rumors front, but it looks like talk about the device has surfaced again. Only, this time, the concept is looking much less like a rumor and more like an inevitability.

a new theoretical prototype of the google phone

Reports have been surfacing which indicate that Google has been showing off a prototype mobile phone to different carriers. According to an article published Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, Google is showing the the prototype around while continuing to hone and improve the product to offer a browsing and internet experience superior to what is currently available.

Additionally, the Google phone will reportedly offer free service. Instead of


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