AT&T Boosting Speed of EDGE Network for Apple iPhone

appleone.jpgIn an exclusive story, Gizmodo reported today that AT&T has underway a project to boost the speed of it's EDGE network in preparation for the Apple iPhone. Based on an insider with access to AT&T operations documents, the project termed 'Operation Fine Edge' has been underway for a number of weeks now and will continue until June 15th.

The goals of the operation include increasing the minimum EDGE data transfer speeds from 40kbps to 80kbps and hopefully, by adding more T-1 lines at their poorest performing towers, will get their EDGE network closer to it's real world max of 200kbps.

While still a great deal slower than the 3G side of AT&T's data network, if realized - these improvements will roughly represent a doubling of speed for iPhone users as well as other EDGE handsets.

You can read the Gizmodo article here.