Apple TV gets new Siri features in tvOS 10

Apple TV Siri music

The forthcoming update to Apple TV continues to bring fresh surprises for owners of Apple's set top box. Many improvements are coming to tvOS 10, including single-sign-on support and an upgrade to Siri's capabilities. Siri has already opened new doors thanks to the bundled Siri Remote, which simplifies many functions on the Apple TV interface. Four main highlights are coming to Siri with tvOS 10, which is expected to launch this fall.

Live broadcasts

Live Tune-in is already partially available with tvOS 9.2, however the feature will be expanded and improved. Siri will immediately begin streaming live video from supported apps, with simply a voice query such as "watch ESPN". Various apps which support a live video feed will be included, however most require a cable, FiOS or satellite subscription to watch. Here's where single-sign-on support comes into play. Once logged into a TV provider account, any of the live channels available through Siri and Live-Tune-in are instantly accessible.

Topic-based search

Searching for content can be painstaking at times, however Siri has already simplified the process. More improvements are coming that should make it even easier to find specific content. Topic-based video search is one way Apple seeks to make finding what you want quick and easy. One will be able to ask Siri direct questions such as, "show me documentaries about particle physics" or "show me space travel movies from the 1970s" and the like. Instead of searching by title, director or starring actors, these searches are based on general subjects to expand results.


Endless videos of cat fails will be fully searchable directly from Siri. YouTube integration makes it possible to fully bypass the YouTube app search field with tvOS 10. This means faster access and simplified Siri searches, without having to open the YouTube app first. Content will be accessible by directly asking Siri YouTube-based questions such as "search YouTube for drone crashes".


Once tvOS 10 lands, Siri will gain more access to HomeKit-based accessories. Not only will Siri be able to directly control things like room lighting and thermostats, but pre-programmed scenes can be invoked with one voice command. When it comes to home security devices, Apple will still require an iOS device. For example, a garage door opener will not be accessible through the Apple TV. Look for more HomeKit compatibility as Apple and developers continue to refine and expand its capabilities.