Apple Music TV launches with videos and more

Apple Music TV

This week Apple fired up its 24-7 music video channel, Apple Music TV. The live streaming service is free to watch, and includes live shows, world premieres, music videos, and more. US-based customers can see Apple Music TV in the Apple TV app or the Apple Music app. The channel can also be seen by launching Apple TV via

Apple plans to release brand new music videos to the platform every Friday at 12 noon Eastern time (9 am Pacific). These exclusive video premieres will happen weekly, with curated content throughout the day and night.

Special events will occur during regular programming, such as yesterday's "all day Bruce takeover" celebrating the release of Bruce Springsteen's upcoming album titled Letter to You. The event included music videos from Springsteen's discography, interviews, and a live fan event.

On launch day (October 19) Apple Music TV featured a countdown of the top 100 Apple Music songs. Music fans can expect similar events and exclusive live content in the future, with many already comparing the service to the heyday of the cable network MTV.

Apple Music TV comes hot on the heels of Apple's rebranding of Beats 1 radio to Apple Music 1. Apple Music radio features additional stations such as Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country. Apple will presumably deliver some common content between its hosted radio stations and the new music video-centered channel.