Shazam adds offline mode to iOS app

Shazam Offline

A few days after Apple confirmed that it had acquired the music recognition service, Shazam has added an offline mode to its iOS app. The latest update allows you to "keep Shazaming, even when you’re offline," according to the release notes.

To identify a song without an internet connection, just tap the blue Shazam button in the app, like you would when connected. The app will remember the song and identify it as soon as you're back online. You will also receive a notification that your saved song has been identified, even if you do not have Shazam app open.

The latest update only includes the new offline mode. iPhone and iPad owners can update their Shazam apps to version 11.6.0 starting today.

The British software company Shazam Entertainment Ltd. was acquired by Apple earlier this month. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is estimated to be around $400 million. Shazam's music recognition technology has been integrated into Apple's intelligent personal assitant, Siri, since iOS 8. Apple has not revealed its plans for Shazam but many have speculated that it will be used to help bolster Apple Music and the upcoming HomePod smart speaker. Apple's plans for other Shazam clients, such as the Android app, have also not been made public.

The Shazam app has been downloaded over 1 billion times since its launch, and its users have performed more than 30 billion inquiries or "Shazams."