Apple Relaunches iPhone Site - YouTube is 12th Icon!

youtube.jpgApple relaunched a reformatted iPhone site today which includes some new demos, pictures of the iPhone, and other information. Though the new site isn't brimming over with new details - it does provide on very big, very juicy piece of information: the Apple iPhone will have YouTube.

There has been speculation for some time on what the 12th icon would be to fill the previously missing space on the iPhone. Amongst the guesses was some sort of YouTube support. The folks in the YouTube corner apparently had it right. YouTube support on the iPhone comes in the form of a custom application which allows users to search and view YouTube videos directly through the YouTube application instead of via a web browser. The YouTube application will also offer a feature allowing iPhone users to send off an email linking recipients to chosen YouTube videos.

The relaunched site includes a demo of the new iPhone YouTube application, head to the Official Apple iPhone website to view it.