iOS 9 to introduce in-app video recording for capturing gameplay

ReplayKit WWDC 2015

Apple is aiming to make gaming even more fun on the iPhone and iPad by introducing a few new tools for game developers to use in iOS 9.0. GameplayKit gives developers access to common gameplay mechanics so they can concentrate on other features, and Model I/O helps generate 3D model texture data.

The most exciting iOS 9 API is ReplayKit -- a new framework that will enable screen recording within apps. This will allow players to record and save gameplay video directly from their iPhone or iPad, without the need of a third-party service.

ReplayKit-enabled games will offer users the option to record video manually with a single tap. The apps will automatically pause all incoming notification banners or other distractions, and users will have the option to add voice commentary and edit their videos within the app.

Streaming and sharing gameplay videos has become a popular hobby and big money maker on video sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch. iOS 9 will make it much easier for iPhone and iPad owners to share videos on these sites and on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

iOS 9 and ReplayKit-enabled apps are expected to be released in fall 2015, alongside the iPhone 6s.


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