New iPhone Survey Doesn't Realize How Stupid it is

iphone-proto.jpgAs there is apparently an insatiable desire for iPhone market research, which may or may not surprise you, there is no shortage of analyst opinions or survey results to write about. The problem is that, most often, they aren't worth writing about. There's little information on which to base market research on at this point, mostly due to the fact that Apple and AT&T have been less than forthcoming with details about the iPhone. This makes most market research considerably subjective, and therefore, mostly worth ignoring.

Apparently, the way to grab the limelight in the world of iPhone market research is to publish your survey in a manner that uses the results to confound readers.

Market research firm IDC reported yesterday that the aforementioned lack of iPhone information available to consumers has potentially had an adverse impact on consumer interest in the iPhone. As a result, "only 10%" of customers have expressed interest in purchasing the device according to a statment Shiv K. Bakhshi, director of mobility research at IDC.

Let's keep this short and sweet: 10% of consumers in the mobile phone market represents a market share of 10% and sales of 100 million iPhones. This is ten times Apple's projection. This would represent a massive success and would blow even the most optimistic analyst projections out of the water. Statements from IDC concerning the survey paint negatively what would be exactly the opposite.

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Boy are their faces red. :)

expressing interest isn't the same as buying one. numbers for ipod desire is up in the 60-80% range. it's an interesting number...if it's well gathered.