Apple Watch 2: Leaked components show bigger battery

Apple Watch watchOS 3

Confirmation of what will surely be a big selling point of the next generation Apple Watch has arrived. Leaked parts have been measured by and show the device will ship with a larger battery. While the exterior case size is not expected to change, the reorganization of internal components has provided space for a 1.15 mm thicker battery.

This difference means the Apple Watch 2 battery is 29 percent thicker than its predecessor. Before anyone starts expecting week-long battery life, other changes to the Apple Watch could cancel out the increased power. Apple plans to include a stand-alone GPS radio in the second generation Apple Watch, which would require more juice. Assuming these component leaks are real, they also show streamlining in other places inside the device.

For example, the Apple Watch 2 incorporates an NFC chip directly into the display. Not only this, but the display component itself is up to 0.87 mm thinner, which leaves extra space for the larger battery module and GPS chips. Byte described the display as the "most advanced display of its kind," incorporating incredibly thin, cutting edge technology.

The new battery is said to be 334 mAh, an increase of almost 36 percent over the original Apple Watch battery. Apple Watch 2 is expected to include better waterproofing and ship with watchOS 3 installed. Look for the Apple Watch 2 announcement at tomorrow's iPhone 7 media event.