Apple Watch 2 will feature GPS, more waterproofing

Apple Watch 2 stainless

Lately the rumor mill has been centered around the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With the expected release date just weeks away, it's no wonder that numerous leaks and photos of the next generation iPhone have been grabbing all of the headlines. A new report from none other than Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI has reminded everyone about the other huge product release on the horizon, the Apple Watch 2.

First of all, there will be two different versions of the Apple Watch 2. One model will be a slightly upgraded version of the current Apple Watch. Besides a better processor, this Apple Watch 2 will have improved waterproofing. The real excitement centers around the second model, which will introduce new components to Apple Watch.

The flagship Apple Watch 2 will ship with GPS on board, and a barometer for improved location tracking. Other reports have indicated stand-alone cellular data capability could be included. Apple normally redesigns its products to be thinner, lighter and more capable with every major iteration. In this case, the Apple Watch 2 will not be significantly thinner that the current model. New components require more power from a larger battery, and this will keep the device thickness about the same.

One of the most significant tidbits in the report to investors is the release date of the next Apple Watch. Kuo's sources point to a product launch for both versions of the Apple Watch 2 during the second half of 2017. Those waiting for a redesigned Apple Watch may have to wait until the following year for more significant external changes.