Apple code confirms realityOS headset

Meta Quest 2

Apple continues work on its mixed reality headset, which could debut later this year. There have been competing rumors about what the headset will be capable of, its pricing, and the operating system under development. Now open source code from Apple directly references a new platform named "realityOS".

RealityOS sets the stage for Apple's wearable to offer both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences to users. The source code, found on GitHub makes references to "realityOS" and "Reality Simulator" along with iOS, watchOS, and macOS platforms. This lends proof that realityOS is the next step in Apple's hardware and software evolution.

The latest revelations are corroborated with realityOS trademarks filed two years ago, as well as App Store upload logs uncovered by developers. Additional Apple-registered trademarks include "Reality Processor", "Reality Pro", and "Reality One", which could reference soon-to-be announced hardware or product names.

Competition is heating up in the VR headset segment, with Sony launching the PlayStation VR2 for PS5 consoles. HTC has begun preorders of its VIVE XR Elite, the most awarded VR headset of CES 2023. And one of Apple's most popular and lowest-price competitors in the VR space is the popular Meta Quest 2, pictured above.

Apple's entry into the headset market is expected to begin at the high end, with hardware including a variant of the M2 processor, micro-OLED displays, and on-board hand and eye tracking. Pricing could come in around $3,000, which exceeds the cost of most competing headsets currently available. A less expensive version may be released in the near future, shaving the cost in half.

So far, little is known about what developers are working on apps or games for the upcoming realityOS headset. Look for an announcement from Apple at WWDC in June.