Apple's 2020 headset to support AR and VR


More reports are surfacing with details on Apple's upcoming AR headset. The project, known internally as T288, is slated for a 2020 launch date. Sources say Apple's device will support both AR and fully-immersive VR as well.

Apple is showing its interest in developing AR with last year's delivery of ARKit for developers on iOS. The rumored headset would expand on ARKit and provide an integrated AR and VR experience for users. When it comes to hardware, the T288 features a completely wireless system built on the 60 GHz WiGig standard. Apple will include its own custom processor designed specifically for the unit in a separate box that rests nearby.

The technology is being designed to be light and portable on the head. Apple is targeting displays with a whopping 8K resolution in each eye, to provide more realistic video and a more immersive experience. While development of the AR-VR combo headset is ongoing, the company may need to wait a while for the technology required to catch up.

Creating a powerful, light and simple AR-VR device could catapult Apple to the top of the pack in the market. Current solutions are bulky, tethered to a computer with wires, and not necessarily user-friendly to operate. The competition is already here, with Oculus (owned by Facebook), Magic Leap, Microsoft and Google all jumping in the game. For its part, Apple's ARKit is almost a year old. Look for further announcements at this year's WWDC in June.