How can I find a missing iTunes icon on the iPhone?

How can I find a missing iTunes icon on the iPhone?

You may have noticed that your iTunes icon is missing. There are several reasons why this may have happened. To get your missing iTunes icon back on your iPhone home screen try one or all of these fixes:

1. Reset your home screen icon layout. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Home Screen Layout. The iTunes icon should reappear.

2. Access iTunes through Spotlight search. Swipe to the right on your home screen until the Search iPhone dialog box appears. Enter the search term iTunes with the keyboard. The purple iTunes app icon should appear first in the search results. You can run the app by touching the search result.

3. iTunes may be invisible to search if it's restricted. To remove restrictions on iTunes and bring back the app icon, navigate to Settings -> Restrictions -> Enter your Restrictions Passcode -> iTunes -> ON.


I have tried all of the above methods and still can't restore my music app/icon. It doesn't appear in the list when I do a search in the App Store either. Grateful for any advice.

I may need to serch music in App Store and then re-download the app