Hasbro Announces MY3D Viewer and Apps for iPhone

Hasbro is launching the MY3D handheld viewer this weekend for the iPhone and iPod touch. The accessory converts your mobile device screen into a three-dimensional entertainment and gaming platform thanks to stereo viewing. Eight free apps from Hasbro are already on the App Store and can be used with the MY3D.

iPhone Hasbro MY3D viewer apps

The concept is a 21st-century version of the View-Master 3D viewer from Fisher-Price. The View-Master has been around for 65 years, and features circular reels of 3D scenes. MY3D takes advantage of the accelerometer and graphics capabilities of the iPhone to produce a 360-degree 3D viewing experience. The apps simply render graphics in stereo vision, and the viewer tricks your eyes into seeing in three dimensions.

The apps that Hasbro released include several games such as the space shooter Sector 17, 360° Sharks, Bubble Bolt, Shatterstorm, and Tunnel Pilot. Apps will be free for the month of April, but starting on May 1, 2011 the prices for some MY3D apps will go up to $1.99 or 4.99 each. Other titles include Teleport LA which is a tour of Los Angeles, and MY3D Presents featuring movie trailers and other sample media in 3D.

It's a pretty neat concept that seems to fit in the "why didn't I think of that" category. We look forward to third party developers taking advantage of Hasbro's MY3D and running with it to make creative titles and even maybe some DIY virtual reality contraptions. Anyone with an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3rd or 4th generation can get in on the 3D action. Target will be the first retailer to carry MY3D when it launches on April 3 at a cost of $34.99. Hasbro plans to roll out MY3D to retailers nationwide starting in June.