How can set the number of rings on my iPhone before voicemail picks up?

How can set the number of rings on my iPhone before voicemail picks up?

You can set the iPhone to wait longer or shorter than the default 20 seconds before it goes to voicemail when receiving an incoming call. This will result in a different number of rings before the voice messaging system picks up the line and plays your outgoing message. To change the amount of time the iPhone will ring follow these steps:

1. Open the phone app and dial *#61# on the Keypad. Press the Call button.

2. Locate this text on the screen: "Setting Interrogation Succeeded, Voice Call Forwarding, When Unanswered, Forwards to +" and record the 11-digit number after the + symbol.

3. Touch the Dismiss button. Now enter this code on the Keypad: *61*+ followed by the 11-digit Forwards to number recorded in step 2, followed by *11 and *ringtime#. Ringtime is the number of seconds you want your iPhone to ring before voicemail picks up. Your finished code should look something like this:


In the example above the ring time is set to 30 seconds. Press the Call button.

4. You should receive the message: Setting Activation Succeeded. Press Dismiss and next time you receive a call it will ring for the new amount of time before going to voicemail.


Im only receiving a 6 digit code in step 2. Can someone please help me!!

Worked like a charm - thanks so much

And by the way - I did not use the + key at all & it still works great.... There are apparently some folks on here that are just dumbasses. This was the simplest thing ever....

Perfect - worked first time!

Worked fine first time!

Thanks, worked fine for me

Could not even figure out how add plus sign if I had wanted to. So new ring time set-up successful on first try with iPhone 5S. Thanks a bunch!!!!

Be sure and clear the keypad then enter your code.
Hope this helps.

Thanks, it worked great borth on my iphones 3 and 4 - after a bit fumbling.

I just bought an iPhone 6 and tried to adjust the number of rings by the procedure above, but all I got was a voicemail stating that the call cannot be completed, not text nor the Dismiss button appeared. Is there a different procedure to adjust the number of rings on an iPhone 6?

Thanks so much for that! It worked perfectly, even though my forward to number has fewer than 11 digits.

Just successfully extended my ring time by following the instructions on screen and the tip NOT to put in the + before the 11- digit number. This really DOES work.

I just did this and everything worked as planned I didn't enter the plus sign all the right messages appeared except when I called my phone to check it, it didn't forward to voicemail it said at the subscribers request this phone does not accept incoming calls.. It rang, I've paid my bill for this billing cycle I have no trouble making or receiving calls and someone just left me a voicemail before I did this. Have an iPhone 5s and att.

I successfully extended it from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. But trying to extend it beyond that (e.g.) to 60 seconds) didn't work. Couldn't get beyond 30 seconds :(

This only works with AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers...For Verizon, you have to call Customer Service (611)

This system dose not work I should be able to set this on my phone. Unpleased with I phone

Got to message. Shows disabled no + and no 11 digit number to record. Help.

You need to have the voicemail option switched ON before you can view the number of the voicemail service to where your calls are being diverted.......

Sorry nothing on that page but the text with the different options

Come on Apple. That should be in the settings and an easy thing to do

Go to call, keyboard. **61*901*11*30#. Then press green to dial.

The 30 is the number of seconds your phone will ring. That's the maximum, you can put lower number.

Thanks - worked straight away : ) for my iPhone 4s. I see come people complained and there was info on omitting that + What the instructions mean is that you then add that number (i.e. do this plus add 11 digit number).

After a couple of attempts this worked for my iphone5. My UK revealed number was 12 digits
not 11 digits and was prefixed by + sign. So I just entered just one + (as instructions above) and then my 12 digits.

So difficult to increase the time before answering machine picks up. Too hard for me, and I need more time to get to the phone. I don't always have it on me.

no 11 digit number appears

Thank you so much. It worked for me on the first try (without the +) I plan on using my Iphone6 plus for my new business, and will be getting alot of calls, so I need as much ringtime as possible. hate scrambling to pick up the phone in time! very helpful info.

Works perfectly, first try. Left out the +. THANKS!

Worked perfectly first try.

Its GREAT ! PERFECT !! rings 80 seconds now. NO MORE missing a call unless they hang up and who the hell hangs up before voice mail. No more BS voice mails unless I send it there.
Thanks !!

This does not work. Weirdly, it's the same advice listed on other sites. My guess is that it worked with previous OS's. But not now.