Get iOS 5 Features Now: Create Albums and Organize Photos

It can be a real drag when you want to organize some photos on your iPhone or iPad and you realize this has to be done on your computer. After making the new photo albums and organizing the photos then you have to sync to your iOS device. Once on your iPhone the photos in albums can't be moved or edited at all.

PhotoAlbums+ Cydia app

Luckily Apple got wind of the situation and plans to add this functionality to the next version of its mobile operating system firmware, iOS 5. This doesn't come out until the fall, but for those with jailbroken iPhones the feature can be installed right away. The tweak is called PhotoAlbum+ and it's available on Cydia for $4.99.

To find PhotoAlbum+ use the search function in Cydia or navigate to Sections -> Tweaks -> PhotoAlbum+ and confirm the installation once queued. A separate version of the software is available for iPad users. Payment can be made via PayPal or Amazon Payments using the Cydia Store purchase system. Once installed the tweak is completely integrated into the stock Photo app.

With no settings or icons to distract you, PhotoAlbums+ simple adds functionality in a way that's intuitive and simple. Albums can be created or deleted right on the device. Multiple photos or videos can be selected and moved into a specific album to help organize your collection. One useful feature that doesn't currently exist using iPhoto is the ability to create a password-protected photo album.

Once created, the new albums can be synced to your computer for backup purposes. PhotoAlbums+ gives you control over your iOS device photo albums without having to wait for iOS 5.