iOS 5 Features Now: Improved Push Notifications

Push notifications are great, except when they constantly interrupt what you're doing on the iPhone. Luckily for iPhone owners with iOS 4.0 or later developer Peter Hajas has released a tweak that greatly improves iPhone notifications. In fact, Apple has even hired Peter to implement his MobileNotifier software in iOS 5.

improved notifications MobileNotifier Cydia

If your iPhone is jailbroken you can install this tweak and start enjoying the benefits of MobileNotifier immediately. To get started, open Cydia and follow these instructions to add a repository.

The peterhajas repo containing the MobileNotifier package is located at Once the repo is added navigate to Manage -> Sources -> -> MobileNotifier. Touch the Install button then tap Confirm. Once the tweak is installed you will notice a new section under Settings labeled MobileNotifier.

Make sure to turn off old notifications to prevent them from popping up.

MobileNotifier iOS 5 now
Now when you receive a text message the sender's name will appear at the top of the screen. If you ignore the notification it disappears. Tapping the notification will open the message and allow you to type a quick response without ever leaving the app you were using. If you want to enter the Messaging app you can tap the gray button second from the left.

Push notifications from other apps will appear in the same manner. Not only this, but MobileNotifier will show you a list of all missed notifications on the multitasking dock screen (app switcher). Make sure this feature is activated by choosing Settings -> MobileNotifier -> Dash on Switcher -> ON. You can get this same list on the lock screen by choosing Settings -> MobileNotifier -> Lockscreen View -> ON. The MobileNotifier tweak is completely free to download and use.