Flash Support Coming to the Apple iPhone

flashplayer.jpgOne of the big questions leading up to the iPhone's release was whether or not the iPhone would be able to display Adobe Flash within it's revolutionary Safari browser. As the launch neared, and since, we've all learned the answer was that it would not.

That seems likely to change in the near future. At least, that is, according to the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg.

In his column, All Things D, Mossberg recently featured a question and answer session where he provided detailed answers to 8 commonly asked questions about the iPhone. Topics covered included SIM swapping, 3G support, TODO list functionality, and more.

One of Mossberg's answers, in reply to a question about the iPhone's inability to play video on certain websites, Mossberg provided some insight into the problem, stating

"At launch, the iPhone version of the Safari browser is missing some plug-ins needed for playing common types of Web videos. The most important of these is the plug-in for Adobe’s Flash technology. Apple says it plans to add that plug-in through an early software update, which I am guessing will occur within the next couple of months."

Though making no mention of his source, Mossberg clearly indicates he has received information stating that Apple will in fact be adding Flash support to the iPhone. This fact, though often rumored, hasn't until now been offered up by any credible sources. Mossberg, one of the tech sector's leading journalists, certainly qualifies as such.



Wow, glad to have this confirmed. Can't wait.

There have been a lot of people saying this wasn't going to happen.

Mossberg knows his stuff. Trust him.